How do I automate a WordPress post?

WordPress has inbuilt features that allow you to publish a post at any scheduled time you want. Once you complete a post, look for the Publish option in the post editor and click on the Edit link. After that, you can specify the date and exact time when the post is to be published.

How do I create an auto post in WordPress?

Go to the WordPress home page and select “Plugins” from the top menu. Select “Activate” next to the Auto Post Posts plugin.

How do I automate my blog?


  1. Get a Social Media Management Service or Tool. …
  2. Setup an RSS Feed and Send Automatic Newsletters to Your Subscribers. …
  3. Create a FAQ page. …
  4. Batch, Create / Download Photos and Graphic Templates for Quick and Easy Use.

What is WP automatic?

WordPress automatic can set the post created at wordpress to the same time the post was created at the feed. Extract Categories. The plugin can set the created post categories to the same categories for the original posts.

Can HootSuite post to WordPress?

HootSuite has added support for self hosted WordPress websites – it previously only supported accounts. For the socially minded, you can now use your HootSuite dashboard to post to your WordPress blog, as well as your Facebook & Twitter accounts and other social media.

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How do I get Facebook to automatically post to WordPress?

Go to Social Media Auto Publish > Settings and the new screen with the plugin settings will open. To begin, in your Facebook Settings screen, you should make sure that the “Enable auto publish post to my Facebook account” option is switched on (the setting should be switched on by default).

How do I share a blog post automatically on Facebook?

Three steps to start sharing your blog to Facebook:

  1. Go to and set up an account.
  2. When prompted, enter your Blog or Feed URL as a source and then click Connect.
  3. Configure the settings and click on Connect Socials.
  4. Select your Facebook account as a destination and then click Start Posting.

What is automation in blogging?

So, what is automated blogging? Also known as automatic blogging, autoblogging, splogging and scraping; automated blogging is the process of using software to “scrape” content from other blog feeds and repost it automatically to your own blog.

How do I get content in WordPress?

Another way to get a WordPress post content by post id is: $content = apply_filters(‘the_content’, get_post_field(‘post_content’, $my_postid));

Install the WordPress app

  1. Go to My profile , and then select App directory.
  2. Search for WordPress.
  3. Select Install.
  4. Select to add the app to a new or existing Streams board, and then select Finish.
  5. Enter your blog URL and credentials, and then select Find Your WordPress to connect your site.

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Does hootsuite have a free plan?

Hootsuite Free

Hootsuite does have a free plan, but it’s very limiting. You get 3 social channels, can post up to 30 scheduled posts and can only have 1 user.

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