How do I enable Visual Composer in WordPress?

How do I activate Visual Composer?

Simply go to the Visual Composer Hub and click on ‘Activate Hub’. You can now proceed and create your first page with Visual Composer Website Builder. Remember, you can upgrade your Free version to the Premium by purchasing a Premium license on the Visual Composer website.

Why is my Visual Composer not working?

Make sure your theme and plugin is up to date

The reason most people have issues with the Visual Composer is because of Visual Composer plugin is not up to date. Please double check the changelog and make sure your versions match the latest versions available. Otherwise please update.

How do I enable WPBakery?

To enable the WPBakery Page Builder (formerly known as Visual Composer) for your custom post types simply go to WPBakery Page Builder > Role Manager and under the user role you want to set the post types for you click “Custom” from the dropdown then check all the post types you want to use the Visual Composer on.

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Is Visual Composer free?

Visual Composer Website Builder will always be free and receive regular updates. We want to have a free WordPress builder that has it all to create a website. Yet, to uncover the real power of Visual Composer Premium version is the one to go with.

Is Visual Composer the same as WPBakery?

The main difference between the two plugins is that WPBakery is only used for content, while the Visual Composer Website Builder allows you to assemble a full website, including headers and footers. Also, the WPBakery is entirely based on shortcodes, while the Visual Composer is not.

How do I install Visual Composer?

You can manually install Visual Composer by going to the Plugins tab Add New > Upload and then go into your x theme folder under framework/plugins/ inside you will find a zip file called js_composer. zip select it and install the plugin. Now your Visual Composer should be installed.

How do I fix Visual Composer in WordPress?

Troubleshooting WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Issues

  1. Re-Save your page. …
  2. Make sure your theme and plugin is up to date. …
  3. Disable All 3rd Party Plugins. …
  4. Confirm your site and WP url’s are the same. …
  5. Missing Total Modules? …
  6. Missing Core Composer modules? …
  7. Front-End Editor Not Working? …
  8. Check Your Browser Console for errors.

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How do I update WPBakery page builder?

It is also possible to update WPBakery Page Builder manually, to perform it please follow this steps.

  1. First, log in to
  2. Re-download the latest version from “Downloads” section and extract (unzip) it.
  3. Navigate to WPBakery Page Builder License tab in your WP Dashboard and deactivate your license.
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How do I update PHP in WordPress?

To update your WordPress site’s PHP version, go to “Sites” and select the site you’d like to change the PHP version on. Then click on the “Tools” tab. Under “PHP Engine” click on the drop-down and select your preferred PHP version.

How do I enable WPBakery backend editor?

STEP 1: Go into ADMIN > WPBAKERY > ROLE MANAGER. STEP 2: Scroll to the bottom and save your settings. STEP 3: Edit any page or post to confirm this worked. If not, then return to the ‘ROLE MANAGER’ settings, try to check an item, save, then on refresh uncheck the item and save again.

How do I get rid of WPBakery page builder?

You can deactivate WPBakery Page Builder license under WP Dashboard -> WPBakery Page Builder -> Product License tab, where you will find “Deactivate” button.

How do I enable WPBakery frontend editor?

However, if you still want to enable the Frontend Editor, you can do so by modifying a theme file. Step 1 - Navigate to theme folderextendvc and open the extend-vc. php file. If you don’t see this folder, navigate to theme_folderframeworkmodulesvisualcomposer and open the visual-composer-config.

What is the best free Page Builder for WordPress?

Find the Best WordPress Page Builder for Your Website

  1. Elementor. Elementor is available as a free plugin download, but you also have the option to pay for the Pro version. …
  2. GeneratePress with Sections. …
  3. Beaver Builder. …
  4. Divi. …
  5. WP Page Builder. …
  6. Page Builder by SiteOrigin. …
  7. Visual Composer.
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How do I download Visual Composer for WordPress?

It’s a cloud marketplace (free and premium) for downloading additional elements, templates, and extensions. Once you have installed and activated the Visual Composer plugin, do the following: Open your WordPress admin panel. Hover over Visual Composer in the left side menu and choose Getting Started.

How do I use composer in WordPress?

Their instructions are simple too:

  1. Add the repository to your composer. json.
  2. Add the desired plugins and themes to your requirements using wpackagist-plugin or wpackagist-theme as the vendor name.
  3. Run $ composer update.
  4. Plugins are installed to wp-content/plugins/ or wp-content/themes/

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