How do I remove copyright from WordPress?

In order to change the copyright text, just navigate to Theme Options -> Footer. Here you will find the options for Footer area, but the one that you are looking for is entitled with field “Copyright”. Just enter desired text and hit “Save button”. That’s it!

Method 2 – Adding CSS

  1. Open your blog and locate the copyrighted area on your page.
  2. In a separate tab, open your Blog dashboard > Theme > Template Html Editor.
  3. Locate the copyrights in the HTML by using whatever word that is in you copyright like copyright, designed by, etc..
  4. Add this style tag to the HTML.

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Go to your footer. php file; find the section inside <div class=”copyright”> ; Then you can replace <? php _e(date(‘Y’)); ?> with something like <span> 2017 </span> or any date of your choice.

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How do I remove the WordPress logo from my website?

To remove it, open the Customizer’s Header Image panel and click “Hide Image.”

Go to My Site → Site → Media. Click on the image of your uploaded social icon and click Edit. Under the URL option, click Copy to save the link to your computer’s clipboard.

How do I add social media icons to my WordPress footer?

How to Add Social Media Icons to Header or Footer

  1. Go to Appearance → Customize.
  2. Expand the Menus panel.
  3. Select the menu to edit or +Add a Menu.
  4. Click +Add Items.
  5. Check the menu location where you would like the icons to appear.
  6. Click Save & Publish.

Appearance >Customize > General Options > Copyright Footer Copyright and remove any content in the field then save the changes and this should remove the “Theme:illdy” text.

Method 1: How To Remove Footer Credit From Blogger Templates Without Redirecting to Another Site

  1. First all of Go To Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Template >> Edit HTML.
  3. Now Go To Footer and Find the Credit or footer links you want to remove or hide from your blogger template.

How do I remove the watermark template powered by Blogger?

Go to the Layout option tab of your blog and click on Edit link of the Attribution Widget under footer section at the bottom. Now, you will see the additional button to remove the widget. You will see a pop-up message “Are you sure you want to remove this page element from your page? “.

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Yes, it is absolutely legal to remove footer credits link on your WordPress site. WordPress is free, and it is released under the GPL license. In short, that license gives you the freedom to use, modify, and even redistribute WordPress.

WordPress Wednesday Tip 32: How to Update the Copyright in the Footer of Your WordPress Site

  1. From your dashboard, hover over the name of your theme. …
  2. Click on ‘Theme Customizer’. …
  3. Click on the ‘Footers’ tab. …
  4. Click on ‘Bottom Bar’.

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Year of Publication

The copyright notice must also state the year the work was published. It has yet to be decided exactly when a website is “published” for copyright purposes, since many websites are updated daily.

How do I remove a logo from a website?

To remove your logo, when in Edit mode, click on your logo image. When the logo edit window opens, click ‘Delete’ in the lower left corner to remove your logo from the website. Once the logo is removed, it will be replaced with your Business Name.

How do I change my logo in WordPress?

Adding your Site Logo

Open My Sites → Customize and click on the Site Identity section. Click Add Logo to open the Media Manager. Upload a new image, or select one that’s already in your Media Library. Click Set as logo, and you’ll see your logo appear in the preview window.

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How do I get rid of WordPress in my URL?

You will notice the ‘WordPress Address’ and ‘Site Address’ fields and both will have the same URL. You need to change the Site Address option and point to your root domain, e.g. and leave WordPress Address option as it is. Once you do that, click on Save Changes button to store your settings.

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