How do I republish a post on WordPress?

To republish an old post, go to the Publish box in the top right hand corner of the Edit Post screen and click on the Edit link next to Publish immediately. Simply change the date to a future date later today or tomorrow and click ok then click Publish to Schedule the post for republishing.

How do I republish old posts in WordPress?

1) Change the post’s publication date. Edit the post and set it to draft. Change the publication date of the post to a new date. Republish the post.

How do I refresh an old blog post?

How to Refresh Old Blog Posts for SEO

  1. Find the keywords the post is already ranking for. …
  2. Pick a keyword to target when updating your post. …
  3. See if there are secondary keywords you should target. …
  4. Look at the page-one results for your target keyword. …
  5. Search for any secondary keywords you’re planning to target. …
  6. Update your blog post.
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How do I reblog a post on WordPress?

To reblog a post, push the Reblog button at the bottom of a post directly on the site. You’ll then have the option to choose which site of yours you want to reblog to before confirming. You can also click the Share button from the Reader.

How do I get posts to show up on my WordPress page?

If you want your posts to show up on the home page and WordPress isn’t already doing this for you, here’s how you do it. In the WordPress admin, go to Settings > Reading. Find the section called Your homepage displays and select the Your latest posts option. Click the Save Changes button and go back to your home page.

How do I update my blog content?

Here are several ways to update your old blog posts to make them fresh again.

  1. Keep Your Posts Up to Date. The most obvious way to update an old post is, well, to update it. …
  2. Add More Information. Sometimes the only update a post needs is more. …
  3. Add Better Imagery. …
  4. Improve Your SEO. …
  5. Include Internal Links to Newer Content.

How do I share a WordPress post on Facebook?

Facebook Pages

  1. Go to My Site → Tools → Marketing → Connections.
  2. Select the Connect button next to Facebook.
  3. In the window that pops up, log into Facebook.
  4. Follow the prompts: …
  5. You’ll be taken back to and another pop-up will ask you to confirm connecting your account.
  6. Click Connect and you’re done!
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How do I get my old blogspot back?

Here’s how to recover your lost Blogger blog account access.

  1. Go to Account Recovery. Using the “What is your blog’s URL?” wizard at, you can recover the Blogger blog access even if you do not remember your Gmail account with which you created the blog. …
  2. Check Your Email.

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What do you do with old blogs?

Now that you know what to do with your old blog posts, it’s time to start promoting them again!

  1. Repost updated blogs. Don’t be shy about treating the “old” content just like the new stuff. …
  2. Use your taxonomy to link your refreshed content with your more recent posts. …
  3. Promote the strong performers.

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How do you republish an article?

To republish an old blog on another website:

  1. Look for publications in your industry that accept republished posts. …
  2. Build a relationship with original content. …
  3. Tweak the post for the publication. …
  4. Change the headline on the published post. …
  5. Ask the publisher to use a canonical tag. …
  6. Choose an old post. …
  7. Refresh the post.

What does reblog mean?

A reblog is when you see a post you enjoy on Tumblr, and by clicking the reblog button, you make the post appear on your blog too. Now all of your followers can enjoy the post, thanks to your signal boost. You should feel free to add commentary, or pics, or a gif when you reblog something.

What is difference between Post and Page in WordPress?

Here’s the big difference between WordPress posts and pages: WordPress posts have an official publish date and are displayed by date on your site’s blog page. … WordPress posts are for timely blog posts and have a publish date. WordPress pages are for timeless static content and don’t have a publish date.

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How do I put different posts on a different page in WordPress?

Assign categories to posts. Create a custom menu. Add the dynamic category pages to into the custom menu. You can create a custom menu and include multiple dynamic category pages that automatically display the published posts assigned to the the specific categories in reverse chronological order.

Can you have more than one posts page in WordPress?

You can create a static front page, and then a separate page for all your published posts. You can do that and the first step is to create two pages and then designate them appropriately. (1) All posts on the front page which is also called the home page and is the URL of the site by default.

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