Quick Answer: How do I fix my blank page on WordPress?

Why is my WordPress page blank?

Whether you’re seeing a blank screen, or the message “There has been a critical error on your website,” it’s the same error. This error can also happen due to a poorly coded theme or plugin installed on your site. Sometimes it can happen if there is an issue with your web hosting server.

How do I fix white screen on WordPress?

How to Fix WordPress White Screen of Death (9 Methods)

  1. Disable Your WordPress Plugins.
  2. Switch to a Default WordPress Theme.
  3. Clear Browser and WordPress Plugin Cache.
  4. Switch on Debugging Mode.
  5. Increase Your Memory Limit.
  6. Check File Permission Issues.
  7. Check for Failed Auto-Update Issues.
  8. Resolve Syntax Errors or Restore a Backup.

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How do I fix my blank page?

Second One: When you type any web address and hit Go button or Enter, It may show you a blank page and the address bar becomes empty automatically.

Methods to Fix Google Chrome Blank Pages Problem:

  1. Disable Ad Blocker and Other Extensions: …
  2. Check for Chrome Update: …
  3. Clear Cache: …
  4. Disable Hardware Acceleration:
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Why is my website showing a blank page?

The blank page is usually caused by a php error. If Your php. ini is configured to hide this error, you’ll get a blank page.

Why do I get a white screen on some websites?

White screen issues are often plugin-related. If you were installing, updating, or working with a plugin immediately before the white screen issue, that plugin might have caused the problem. … If the plugin is what caused the white screen, then your site should go back to normal when you deactivate it.

Why is my website white?

Usually, an aspect of your site will be broken or incomplete in some way. The most common culprits are plugins and themes, which can contain incorrect code or cause a conflict with some other part of your site. The white screen can also appear due to a lack of memory or issues related to your hosting server.

How do I fix my white screen?

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. According to users, you can fix the white screen problem by simply using a keyboard shortcut. Several users claim that they fixed the problem simply by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete once the white screen appeared.

Why does white screen of death happen?

The white screen of death most often refers to an Apple iPod or iPhone that has locked up due to the device being severely dropped, a hardware component failing, or an attempted operating system or application upgrade that fails to successfully update.

How do I display a white screen?

If you would rather display a white screen, simply press the W key.

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Why does Google keep going blank?

The Google search results page is blank or pressing the Back button loads a blank page. These are known issues with Google search. … They have variously been suggested as caused by a bug in Google search, a bug in the browser, a browser setting, a bad operating system update, and malware.

How do I fix my blank page on Google Chrome?

How to fix Chrome white screen problems?

  1. Try Opera.
  2. Turn Off Hardware Acceleration.
  3. Clear Chrome’s Cache.
  4. Reset the Browser.
  5. Edit Google Chrome’s Shortcut Target.
  6. Reinstall Google Chrome.
  7. Delete a Google+ Account.

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Why am I getting about blank blocked?

“about:blank” is a blank page built into your web browser displayed when there’s nothing else to show. It’s not malware, but can result from malware being removed. “about:blank#blocked” is sometimes displayed as the result of security software blocking access to something.

Why is my HTML page blank?

Some HTML code is necessary for a Web browser to interpret the file as an HTML file even if there is no visible content. Any text editor can create a blank HTML page because an HTML page is simply a text document with special codes at the top that identify it as a Web page to Web browsers.

Why PHP page is blank?

The most common reason for a blank page is that the script is missing a character. If you left out a ‘ or } or ; somewhere, your PHP won’t work. You don’t get an error; you just get a blank screen.

What does the feature blank page work as?

An intentionally blank page or vacat page (from Latin: vacare for “being empty”) is a page that is devoid of content and may be unexpected. Such pages may serve purposes ranging from place-holding to space-filling and content separation.

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