Frequent question: Can you merge two WordPress blogs?

Fortunately, you can merge two WordPress blogs with relative ease.


  1. Export your WordPress content as an XML file.
  2. Import your content to your new blog.
  3. Assign the imported content to an author(s).
  4. Set up URL redirects.
  5. Import your images.

27 мар. 2017 г.

Can I merge two WordPress accounts?

No, you cannot merge two users. What you can actually do is add the new user then transfer all the posts to him. What’s easy to do is transferring posts of a user to another user. I think you can just simply delete it and transfer everything to an existing user.

How can I merge two blogs?

Log into the blog that is being merged into the other one. Go to Tools > Export. You can export “All content,” “Pages,” or “Posts.” Select Posts. You can narrow the list by selecting categories, authors, or status.

How do I join two websites together?

Your website consolidation strategy

  1. Step one: Create a sitemap of the site your merging (site A) …
  2. Step two: Make the new domain one that you’re proud of. …
  3. Step three: Make your new domain live. …
  4. Step four: Map your new URLs. …
  5. Step five: Update internal links. …
  6. Step six: Move your site. …
  7. Step seven: Create your 301 redirects.

Can you have multiple WordPress sites on one?

You can definitely have more than one blog per account. Simply head to and create a new blog. Keep in mind that there is one website per upgrade only, so you can have two free websites, or one paid and one free, however if you have an upgrade – it will not be effective for your second blog.

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