How do I add an image to revolution slider in WordPress?

How do I add a picture to revolution slider?

To add a background image, all you need to do is select Image from the dropdown, and then click the Media Library button. Now you can either upload a new image or choose one from your Media Library. Just make sure to choose an image that corresponds to the size of your slider.

How do I upload an image to a WordPress slider?


  1. Login to your website and go to the Plugins section of your admin panel.
  2. Click the Add New button.
  3. Under Install Plugins, click the Upload link.
  4. Select the plugin zip file (easy-image-slider-widget. …
  5. You should see a message stating that the plugin was installed successfully.
  6. Click the Activate Plugin link.

How do I add a layer in Revolution slider?

Add New Layers

To add text, images, video and more to your Module and its Slides, hover your mouse over the “Add Layer” menu item toward the top-left of the editor.

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How do I add a slide to revolution slider in WordPress?

In main WordPress menu navigate to Revolution Slider. Opened screen shows all your created slides. To add new slider click on the button Create New Slider. Available are many other options which Revolution Slider plugin provide, you can find them in accordions on the right side of screen.

What size should images be for revolution slider?

Don’t use images larger than they need to be. If the Slider is placed inside a boxed container within your site, and the Slider’s width never increases larger than 1200px, your image’s original width should be no larger than 1200px.

How do you speed up a revolution slider?

How to Speed Up Slider Revolution: To speed up Slider Revolution, first select one of the following Lazy Load settings, found under Edit Slider > Slider Settings > Performance and SEO Optimization.

How do I create a custom image slider in WordPress?

To create and configure an image slider in WordPress, you’ll need to follow these 10 steps:

  1. Install the Soliloquy Slider plugin.
  2. Add a new slider.
  3. Add images to your slider.
  4. Configure slider settings.
  5. Configure mobile settings.
  6. Configure miscellaneous settings.
  7. Publish and copy your shortcode.
  8. Add slider to post or page.

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How do I create a custom slider in WordPress without plugins?

How to Create Custom Post Type Slider in WordPress Without Plugin…

  1. Create custom post type named “Slider”.
  2. Remove slug and WP Editor field from our custom post type.
  3. Add Featured Image Support if using a custom built theme.
  4. Add Custom Meta box addon to save link (if necessary).
  5. Fetch the custom post type (slider) content in the front end.
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How do I make a post slider in WordPress?

Go to Post Slider >> Add New and configure any options as desired. Then copy the shortcode which is at the bottom of the Settings panel on the “Shortcode” section and paste it wherever you want to display the post slider.

How do you wrap text in Revolution slider?

The best way to ensure that text wraps properly in Revolution Slider is to use the trusty line break element (i.e.

How do I change text in slider revolution?

Select the blue “Edit Slides” button on the slider group that you want to edit. This will display a list of the slides in the slider group. Select the green “Edit Slide” Button underneath the thumbnail of the slide that you want to add your text to. From this page, you can make any necessary edits to your slide.

How do I add a shortcode to revolution slider?

Upload a background image for your slider. Once you have a background image, scroll down to the slider editor preview area. Select the blue add layer button and select Text/Html. This is where you place the contact form shortcode.

How do I make my slider revolution smaller?


This is where you can adjust the size based on how much screen you would like the slider to cover on each of the devices. If you leave the custom grid size off, the content will be adjusted automatically, which often results in small text on mobile. Adjust the size as you wish.

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Where do I find slider in WordPress?

The slider is probably a plugin. Go to your dashboard, and look for the item “plugins’. There should be a list of plugins that are installed on the website.

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