How do I change the slider time in WordPress?

How do I change the slide speed in WordPress?

You can try to go to Customize → Header area → Header Slider section, and change 6000 value in Slider speed input field.

How do you change the slider time in Revolution slider?

In revolution slider > [slide-name] (where this is the name of your slider) > settings > defaults, default slide duration, lower this value as needed. Then slide editor > general settings > slide delay. Remove any value from this field per slide and save. Each slide will now inherit the global value.

How do I edit slider revolution in WordPress?

Updating Image in Revolution Slider

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin and click on Revolution Slider at the left pane,then click on Edit Slides.
  2. From the slides list, look for the specific image that you would like to change or update, then click on Edit Slide.
  3. Under Slider Main Image / Background, select Image BG then click on Change Image button.
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How do you speed up a revolution slider?

How to Speed Up Slider Revolution: To speed up Slider Revolution, first select one of the following Lazy Load settings, found under Edit Slider > Slider Settings > Performance and SEO Optimization.

Do sliders slow down websites?

Website sliders slow down your website.

That transition takes some time to load, and your browser has to do it. … In a typical slider, the browser has to load multiple images, animated transitions, and the controls for navigating the slider – all above the fold.

What is a revolution slider in WordPress?

Slider Revolution is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create responsive sliders with many animation effects, text, image and video layers, and many other features. The textual content of the slides’ layers needs to be translated in multilingual sites.

How do I add a revolution slider to WordPress?

How to add a Slider Revolution

  1. Go to Pages > Add New to add a new page, or simply edit any of the pages.
  2. Click the blue + Add Element button.
  3. A new popup will show, choose Revolution Slider 6.
  4. Select the slider you want to use, and continue by clicking Add Selected Slider.

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How do I make my slider revolution smaller?


This is where you can adjust the size based on how much screen you would like the slider to cover on each of the devices. If you leave the custom grid size off, the content will be adjusted automatically, which often results in small text on mobile. Adjust the size as you wish.

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How do I change the slider text in WordPress?

@eventuality: To change the displayed text on slider you can better use the Featured Image Slider as the slider type. Then you can add image to the slider and write the text displayed in the slider in the title and content section. Then you can insert the URL of the page/post to link the slider image to the post/page.

How do I remove Revolution slider from WordPress?

On your home page click on your top WordPress admin bar : Edit Page. Once you are on the back-end of your home page, scroll down until you find the option Slider Above Masthead. Select Deactivate.

What size should images be for revolution slider?

You should try using 2650×1900 image or 1024×768 so you can easily manage your layers. Your text and buttons does not scale because of too large grid size.

How do I change the default slider in WordPress?

There are two ways to set any slider as default slider.

  1. Go to Appearance – > Theme Option -> (Find header or slider setting there to set any slider as default slider)
  2. Go to Pages and select your page such as Home Page and then find option there to select slider as main slider.

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How do you change the size of a slider in CSS?

Full-Width Slider: How to change the slider height

  1. Click on Theme Options and locate the Custom Styling section.
  2. Enter the following into the Custom CSS box: .slider{height:400px;} .slider li{height: 400px;} #widget-block{margin-top:400px;}
  3. Adjust the number to your desired height.
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