How do I create a content box in WordPress?

How do I put a box around text in WordPress?

To create a text box, simply reference the new class (textbox) in a tag. Use the Visual Editor to write the entire post, go to the Code tab page, locate the paragraph to go in the box and add: immediately before the text and immediately after it.

How do I add a color box in WordPress?

Add Colored Content Boxes To Your WordPress Theme Using CSS3

  1. Copy and paste all the CSS from the Gist labelled style. css near the end of your child themes style. css file before the start of the Media Queries.
  2. Paste the HTML from the Gist labelled content-box. HTML into your editor or text widget.

What is a content box in WordPress?

A content box highlights specific paragraphs. It wraps the content in styled layout and boxes using HTML tag . These boxes are built, designed and styled using CSS. Using a content box you can put a box around or behind the text in WordPress.

How do you code a box around text?

Using CSS to Draw a Border Around Your Block of Text and Pictures

  1. Create the HTML for the block. For this tutorial, I shall use a DIV block to enclose the text/pictures. …
  2. Next, you will need to style the DIV box by adding a border. In your CSS section, or external CSS file, add the following code:
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