How do I fix the white screen of death on WordPress?

How do I fix my white screen?

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. According to users, you can fix the white screen problem by simply using a keyboard shortcut. Several users claim that they fixed the problem simply by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete once the white screen appeared.

Why is my WordPress site blank?

Whether you’re seeing a blank screen, or the message “There has been a critical error on your website,” it’s the same error. This error can also happen due to a poorly coded theme or plugin installed on your site. Sometimes it can happen if there is an issue with your web hosting server.

Why is my website white?

Usually, an aspect of your site will be broken or incomplete in some way. The most common culprits are plugins and themes, which can contain incorrect code or cause a conflict with some other part of your site. The white screen can also appear due to a lack of memory or issues related to your hosting server.

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What causes the white screen of death?

While there are many potential causes, you’ll typically find the issue is down to one of the following three: Incompatibility between your theme and a plugin (or plugins), or between plugins. A poorly coded theme or plugin. A low memory limit set by your hosting company (mostly seen in shared hosting environments).

How do I get rid of white screen on Windows 10?

OPTION 1: Remove White Screen lock screen virus with System Restore

  1. STEP 1: Restore Windows to a previous state using System Restore. …
  2. STEP 2: Remove White Screen malicious files with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free. …
  3. STEP 3: Double-check for the White Screen virus with HitmanPro.

Why has my laptop screen gone white?

The laptop white screen problem may be caused by a faulty graphics card, non-working display, malware/viruses, etc. Now, let’s go to see how to fix the white screen on laptop. Tip: In addition, you may also be bothered by the white screen on computer monitor if you are using a desktop PC.

What is white screen error?

The White Screen of Death (WSoD) or simply “White Death” refers to an error or issue with an operating system that causes the computer or device to stop working and display only a white screen.

Why is my web page blank?

When a Web page is blank, there are a few likely reasons. The reasons fall into three categories: 1, a server-related problem; 2, a network problem; and 3, a client browser or computer problem.

How do I fix my WordPress site?

An internal server error can have a number of different reasons and thus several ways to try and solve it.

  1. Check .htaccess. The . …
  2. Increase the PHP memory limit. …
  3. Deactivate all plugins. …
  4. Re-upload WordPress core files. …
  5. Talk to your host. …
  6. Check wp-config.php. …
  7. Access wp-admin. …
  8. Talk to your host.
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Why do I get a white screen on Facebook?

When you see the White Screen of Death: – Check it’s not a tech, browser or cache thing – log in and out of Facebook, switch your computer off and on, try another browser, clear your cache – just in case… – Then CHILL OOT* and get on with your work!

How do I fix the white screen of death on my Android?

The white screen of death problem often happens while you are using a particular app on the device. If so, you can turn off your device and turn it on again to fix the problem: Just long press the power button for 7-10 seconds or you can directly remove the batter from the tab to turn it off.

What are the steps you can take to troubleshoot a website displaying a blank page?

To solve a blank page, there are different ways to take action:

  1. Enable PHP Errors. The first is to set your wp-config. …
  2. Deactivating All Plugins. Alternatively, you can try deactivating all plugins and see if that solves the problem. …
  3. Deactivating The Theme.

Can Apple fix white screen of death?

Hard Reset

In many cases, all it takes for the user to fix his iPhone’s white screen is to restart the phone. … The user must continue to hold the two buttons until the phone’s screen flashes. When he sees the Apple logo, the user can release the buttons and allow the iPhone to start.

What happens if your phone screen turns white?

If you see the black or white screen on your Android phone, do not panic. It’s not caused by a virus or malware. … If you carelessly dropped the phone, there might be damages to the internal components, which leads to the software that is difficult to work properly. Moisture inside your phone can also cause the damage.

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What is white screen virus?

White Screen virus, also known as White Screen MoneyPak virus, is a scamming malware that relates to Reveton trojan family. This virus is completely annoying badware, which blocks the computer’s system and shows a huge white blank screen covering the entire PC’s desktop.

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