How do I integrate Facebook Comments on WordPress?

How do I add Facebook comments to WordPress?

How to add Facebook Comments to WordPress site?

  1. Step 1: First of all, you need to install WpDevArt Facebook comments plugin. Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. …
  2. Step 2: Create an App ID on Facebook. Click here to create. …
  3. Step 3: Once created, get the App ID. …
  4. Step 4: Now you can configure the plugin with that App ID.

23 июн. 2018 г.

How do I add a Facebook comment plugin to my website?

Comments Plugin

  1. Choose URL or Page. Choose the URL of a website you want to use with the comments plugin.
  2. Code Configurator. Copy and paste the URL into the code configurator below. …
  3. Copy and Paste code snippet. Copy and paste the code snippet into the HTML of the website or webpage where you want to implement comments.

How do I add Facebook comments to WordPress without plugins?

Creating a Facebook App for your Comments

Use all the default settings and the copy the app ID into the code on your WordPress site replacing [YOUR-FACEBOOK-APP-ID]. You should now have Facebook comments working on your WordPress blog without the need for a plugin!

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How do I add a comment section in WordPress?

Navigate to the Posts/Pages screen. In the list of pages or posts, find the one you want and hover your cursor over the title of the post. You will see several links appear underneath the title. Click “Quick Edit” and check “Allow Comments.” Click “Update” to turn comments on for that post.

How do I moderate a Facebook Comment plugin?

In the top navigation, click the Products tab, then click Social Plugins. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and under Social Plugins Documentation, click Comments. Click Moderation.

How do I add comment on Facebook?

To comment on something:

  1. Click Comment below the post or in the white box that says Write a comment.
  2. Type your comment or: Click to comment with a gif. Click to comment with an emoji. Click to attach a photo or video. Click to post a sticker.
  3. Press enter or return to publish it.

How do I add comments to my website?

HTML Comment Box

  1. First log in to your Google account. …
  2. Then go to the HTML Comment Box.
  3. In the blue box, click on Log in.
  4. You will be taken to your Google email account.
  5. Enter your login information.
  6. Once completed you will be taken back to the HTML Comment box site.

Why can I not comment on Facebook posts?

Permission. You do not have permission to comment on everything you see on Facebook. In a common scenario, if you see a friend tagged in a photo by someone you don’t know, you can view it but cannot comment on it. … You can only comment on photos posted by your friends or photos you have been tagged in.

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How do I get the URL of a Facebook comment?

Go to the website using the Facebook commenting system, or open the Facebook page where you posted the comment. Right click on the date/time field just below the Facebook comment, and click on copy link location or copy link address. That’s it.

How do you add a leave a reply on WordPress?

Follow the following steps using the WP-Admin panel.

  1. Log into WordPress.
  2. Open the “Appearance” section on the menu on the left-hand side and click editor.
  3. Click the comments file (it should read as comments. …
  4. If you are on Windows hit Control F to search for “Leave a Reply.” Hit enter to search.

13 дек. 2017 г.

How do I manage comments on WordPress?

Simply go to Posts » All Posts and click on the Edit link below the post you want to open. On the post editor screen scroll down to the bottom, and you will see all comments made for the post. You can edit, delete, reply and moderate comments directly from here.

How do I change the comment section in WordPress?

Click on What You Need to Customize:

  1. Change the Font of Comments Form.
  2. Change the Submit Comment Button.
  3. Remove Website URL Field from Comment Form.
  4. Add a Field to the Comments Form.
  5. Add reCAPTCHA to Comment Form.
  6. Change the Title of Your Comment Section.
  7. Move Text Field to the Bottom of the Form.

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