Question: How do I host a Google Font locally in WordPress?

In order to easily host Google Fonts in WordPress, you need to install and activate the OMGF plugin. Once the plugin has been installed and activated, click on Settings > Optimize Webfonts. This will take you to the plugin configuration page where you can then set it up and start hosting Google Fonts locally.

How do I host a Google Font locally?

To host Google Fonts locally, you need to upload all the font files you want to use to your server and also add the corresponding @font-face rules to your CSS. You can do all that manually, but there’s a handy open-source tool called Google Web Fonts Helper that automates the process for you.

How do I add Google fonts to WordPress?

Method #1. Use a WordPress Plugin

  1. Click Plugins > Add new.
  2. Enter the search phrase “Google Fonts” in the search box.
  3. Select the first result and click Install now.
  4. Click Activate.

13 авг. 2019 г.

Can you upload your own font to WordPress?

The most direct way of adding custom fonts in WordPress is by adding the fonts using CSS3 @font-face method. … Once you have the webfont files, you would need to upload it on your WordPress hosting server. The best place to upload the fonts is inside a new “fonts” folder in your theme or child theme’s directory.

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How do I optimize Google fonts in WordPress?


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/host-webfonts-local directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Use the Settings -> Optimize Google Fonts screen to configure the plugin.

Should you self host Google fonts?

You would want to self-host fonts to avoid those multiple external requests. A request is made to your server and all fonts assets are provided immediately from that server without the need of going elsewhere. A better application of self-hosting fonts is self-hosting Google Fonts.

How do I self host a font?

Steps for Self-Hosting Google Fonts

  1. Go to google-webfonts-helper and select the font you’d like to download.
  2. Under “Copy CSS” choose “Modern Browsers” for supporting current browsers that use . …
  3. Copy the CSS given for the font and add it to the appropriate stylesheet for your site.

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What fonts are available in WordPress?

But to give you an idea, here are the five major types of font styles you might want to use on your site:

  1. Script. Script font example (Image source: Cadillac) …
  2. Display. Display font example (Image source: Disney) …
  3. Modern. Modern font example (Image source: Vogue) …
  4. Serif. Serif font example (Image source: T-Mobile) …
  5. Sans Serif.

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How do I add Google fonts to my website?

First, copy the script for your desired font from Google Fonts.

  1. Navigate to
  2. In the search bar, search for the desired font name.
  3. Click the font name to view a complete list of styles available to import.
  4. Click + Select this style next to each style you want to import from this font.
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Where do I change font in WordPress?

Changing Fonts

To change the custom fonts you use, go to Design →Customize → Fonts and select a different Header or Base Font. Or, you can switch back to your Theme’s default font by clicking the X to the right of the custom font name.

How do I import a font family into WordPress?

How to Manually Add Fonts to WordPress

  1. Download the font that you want to use to your computer and extract the . zip archive is necessary.
  2. Upload your font file to wp-content/themes/your-theme/fonts directory. Create a separate fonts folder if you don’t have one yet. …
  3. Press the Update File button to save your changes.

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Where do I upload fonts?

All fonts are stored in the C:WindowsFonts folder. You can also add fonts by simply dragging font files from the extracted files folder into this folder. Windows will automatically install them. If you want to see what a font looks like, open the Fonts folder, right-click the font file, and then click Preview.

How do I optimize fonts in WordPress?

How to Optimize Fonts in WordPress

  1. Use caching to ensure pages don’t need to be rebuilt every time they’re loaded. …
  2. Use a web fonts provider that delivers fonts using a Content Delivery Network or CDN. …
  3. Only use those fonts you need. …
  4. If using web fonts, make sure you enqueue them properly.

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How do I remove Google fonts from WordPress?

Assuming you’ve already installed Autoptimize from the WordPress Plugin Directory, go to its settings page (Settings > Autoptimize) and:

  1. Click on the ‘Extra’-tab,
  2. Select ‘remove Google Fonts’ from the Google Fonts options menu,
  3. Click ‘Save’.
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How do I preload a font in WordPress?

How to preload a resource in WordPress

  1. Preload key requests. Render-blocking resources. …
  2. Perfmatters plugin settings. Click on the “Extras” tab and then click “Preloading.”
  3. Perfmatters preloading. Under “Preload” enter in the location of your resource (font, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) …
  4. Preload resource in WordPress. Scroll down and click “Save Changes.”
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