Quick Answer: How do I use lazy load in WordPress?

Upon activation, you need to visit the Settings » BJ Lazy Load page to configure plugin settings. You can apply lazy load to content, text widgets, post thumbnails, gravatars, images, and iframes. You can also upload a custom image to be used as a placeholder image.

What is lazy load in WordPress?

The lazy-loading HTML attribute tells a browser to either wait before downloading an image or to download it right away. There is no JavaScript need to accomplish this.

How do I enable lazy loading?

To enable lazy load in WordPress, go to the “Perfmatters” settings in your WordPress admin dashboard. Under the “Options” tab scroll down to the “Lazy Loading” section. There are four different options you have when it comes to lazy loading.

How does lazy load work?

How Lazy Loading Works. When someone adds a resource to a web page (image, video, etc.), the resource references a small placeholder. As a user browses the web page, the actual resource is cached by the browser and replaces the placeholder when the resource becomes visible on the user’s screen.

How do I put lazy images in WordPress without plugins?

Adding Lazy Load Without a Plugin

  1. Step 1: Add Scripts to Your Theme. First, it’s important to determine if the scripting you use will apply globally, or if you’ll need to insert it into just the theme you’re using. …
  2. Step 2: Create an Image Class. …
  3. Step 3: Add a JavaScript Command to Your Footer. …
  4. Step 4: Configure Your Images.
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What is easy loading?

While lazy loading delays the initialization of a resource, eager loading initializes or loads a resource as soon as the code is executed.

How do I stop WordPress from lazy loading?

To disable lazy loading on a specific post or page, open the post or page and in the “Cache Options” meta box un-check the “LazyLoad for images” option. Don’t forget to publish or update the post or page to save your changes.

How do I know if lazy loading is working?

You can check to see that a module is indeed being lazy loaded with the Chrome developer tools. In Chrome, open the dev tools by pressing Cmd+Option+i on a Mac or Ctrl+Alt+i on a PC and go to the Network Tab. NOTE: Another important check is to make sure that a module loaded lazily is not loaded again.

How do you stop lazy loading?

We can disable lazy loading for a particular entity or a context. To turn off lazy loading for a particular property, do not make it virtual. To turn off lazy loading for all entities in the context, set its configuration property to false.

Is lazy loading good?

There’s no bad and good for lazy loading. You have to decide if you prefer to load resources on run time or application loading times. … Lazy loading is beneficial if you have an application that runs for long duration and you don’t want to allocate resources on startup.

Which is better lazy loading or eager loading?

It is better to use eager loading when it is possible, because it optimizes the performance of your application. So when querying lazy loading is much slower loading all the reference objects, but eager loading query and select only the object which are relevant.

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How lazy loading works in hibernate?

Hibernate applies lazy loading approach on entities and associations by providing a proxy implementation of classes. Hibernate intercepts calls to an entity by substituting it with a proxy derived from an entity’s class.

Is Lazy Load good for SEO?

Lazy loading images improves the user experience by saving bandwidth for important content first. Some reject the technique for SEO considerations. But properly lazy loading your images does not prevent them from being indexed.

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