What is ConvertKit in WordPress?

In the WordPress page editor there is a ConvertKit icon in the TinyMCE editor. Press the envelope to open a window with a Tag drop down. … Within this shortcode’s start / end blocks you can add text and images and it will only be displayed for subscribers with the chosen Tag.

Does ConvertKit work with WordPress?

With our WordPress plugin, you can add ConvertKit forms to the bottom of any page or post, on your WordPress blog, without ever having to deal with code. Just install the plugin, add your API key, and select a form!

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is a full-featured email service provider (ESP) created by Nathan Barry. Thanks to its ease of use, automation and other features, it’s one of the fastest-growing email marketing companies around. It also offers customizable sign-up forms and landing pages to help bring in more email subscribers.

How do you use ConvertKit?

To do this the easiest way is to install the ConvertKit plugin. Activate it and set it up with the API key you find in your account settings. Next go to your page where you want to add your form. You can use the form shortcode to embed it directly where you want it.

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How do I add a ConvertKit landing page to WordPress?

WordPress: Add A Landing Page To Your Domain

  1. Download and install the ConvertKit WordPress Plugin.
  2. Activate it on the plugin’s page and add your API key (found in your ConvertKit Account Settings).
  3. Create a new page on your WordPress site.
  4. In the WordPress page settings, you’ll see an option to replace this page with a ConvertKit Landing Page.

How do I set up ConvertKit?

How to Setup ConvertKit

  1. STEP ONE: CREATE A FORM. A “form” is the actual thing displayed across your site that will prompt readers to subscribe – and then filter them over to your ConvertKit list. …

How much is ConvertKit monthly?

ConvertKit Pricing Summary

Prices start at $29 a month for a maximum of 1,000 contacts, $49 per month for up to 3,000 subscribers or $79 monthly for a list of 5,000 contacts.

Is ConvertKit better than MailChimp?

Though both offer a free plan, MailChimp’s is much more generous, allowing you to use most features and send 10,000 emails to up to 2,000 subscribers monthly. ConvertKit allows for just 1,000 subscribers and no reports or automations are included. You can, however, send unlimited emails.

Who uses ConvertKit?

Who uses ConvertKit? 5 companies reportedly use ConvertKit in their tech stacks, including FinTech Consortium, Liftus, and CourseCraft.

Does ConvertKit have landing pages?

Luckily, ConvertKit has nearly 50 landing page templates to choose from. You can browse them all before creating an account or access them by clicking on the “Landing Pages & Forms” tab on your ConvertKit homepage.

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How much does ConvertKit cost?

ConvertKit pricing starts at $29.00 per month. They do not have a free version. ConvertKit offers a free trial.

How do I create a list in ConvertKit?

ConvertKit On-Boarding

  1. The first step to start building your email list is to sign up for an email marketing platform. …
  2. Once you’re on the home-page, you’ll see a button that says “Try for Free”. …
  3. Once your account is created, make sure to verify email.

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