What is UpdraftPlus in WordPress?

UpdraftPlus is one of the best WordPress backup plugins. It allows you to setup automatic backup schedules. It will also help you restore your WordPress site in case something bad happens. Having said that, let’s take a look at how to easily backup and restore your WordPress site with UpdraftPlus.

What is updraft plugin?

UpdraftPlus simplifies backups and restoration. It is the world’s highest ranking and most popular scheduled backup plugin, with over three million currently-active installs. Backup your files and database backups into the cloud and restore with a single click!

Is UpdraftPlus free?

The free version of UpdraftPlus is fully functional. However, we’ve developed a brilliant range of features to make it even better. UpdraftPremium will unlock everything from a Migrate/Clone tool to multiple online storage options, detailed scheduling, reporting, encryption and more.

How do I restore using UpdraftPlus?

Find your backup files

If restoring a site with a pre-existing UpdraftPlus installation, go to Settings->UpdraftPlus Backups and click the ‘Restore’ button. This will open the ‘Existing Backups’ tab. There you will see a record of your backup, and can move onto Step 3.

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What is the best backup plugin for WordPress?

7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared (Pros and Cons)

  1. UpdraftPlus. UpdraftPlus is the most popular free WordPress backup plugin available on the internet. …
  2. VaultPress (Jetpack Backup) Jetpack Backups is a popular WordPress backup plugin by Automattic, the company created by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. …
  3. BackupBuddy. …
  4. BlogVault. …
  5. BoldGrid Backup. …
  6. BackWPup. …
  7. Duplicator.

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Which of the following is like the WooCommerce plugin?

5 Best WooCommerce Alternatives

  • Ecwid – A WordPress plugin which allows you to add a shopping cart to your site.
  • WP eCommerce – WordPress’ own ecommerce plugin with advanced design.
  • Shopify – The best ecommerce website builder on the market today.

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Is UpdraftPlus safe?

UpdraftPlus has had over 875,000 downloads, and been tested by users on a very wide variety of WordPress installations. It ranks in the top 0.5% of most-installed plugins at rankwp.com. No software is perfect, but if you’re looking for reliability, then UpdraftPlus is in the top rank.

How do I set up UpdraftPlus?

UpdraftPlus (Free)

  1. Log in to your WordPress Site:
  2. Go to the plugins menu, and choose “Add New”:
  3. Search for “updraftplus”, and then click “Install now”:
  4. Activate it:
  5. Enter your preferred settings: Now you’re ready to set up your backups – what you want to configure, when, how, etc.

Is BackupBuddy free?

All current BackupBuddy, Plugin Suite and Toolkit customers will find the BackupBuddy 8.0 update available now for free. There are 3 easy ways to update: From the WordPress dashboard (for licensed sites) – Update BackupBuddy directly from the WordPress > Updates page in your WordPress dashboard.

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How do I migrate using UpdraftPlus?

Go to Settings>UpdraftPlus Backups>Migrate / Clone. From the Migrate section, click on the button ‘Send a backup to another site’.

How to migrate a WordPress site to another server using Updraft Migrator

  1. Move all files and folders.
  2. Move the database.
  3. Change all URLs in the database to match the new domain.

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How do I download backup from UpdraftPlus?

You can download the backup files through the Existing Backups tab on the UpdraftPlus settings page. The sections of the backup set are listed and can be downloaded independently.

Where are updraft backups stored?

Hi Janelle, By default, UpdraftPlus created the backups to your local server in the ‘wp-content/updraft’ folder before it sends it to your remote storage.

How do I restore my website?

To restore your website with Google’s cache or Bing’s cache, follow these steps:

  1. Search for your website or page on Google’s or Bing’s results page. …
  2. Click on the arrow. …
  3. Since we need a cached copy of your website, click on Cache option.
  4. Restore your website, pages or content, or whatever you need from this cached copy.

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How do I back up and restore my WordPress site with UpdraftPlus?

If you saved the backup files on your computer, then you can click on ‘Upload backup files’ link to manually upload and restore them. You can also connect UpdraftPlus to remote location (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc). This way UpdraftPlus will be able to scan remote location and use your previously stored backups.

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How do I upgrade to latest version of WordPress?

Update WordPress via the Dashboard

Go to Dashboard > Updates or click Please update now to go to the Updates screen and begin the process. If you don’t see the notice or the update list is empty, but you know there is a new version of WordPress available, click Check Again to refresh the list.

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