Frequent question: How do you keep the accordion closed by default Elementor?

Drag-and-drop the Advanced Accordion widget on the page from the PowerPack Elements group. Write your desired content for the Accordion panels. Note that all Accordion panels are closed by default in the Advanced Accordion widget of PowerPack plugin. Save your changes.

What is accordion in Elementor?

The Accordion Widget is used to display text in a collapsed, condensed manner, letting you save space while still presenting an abundance of content. With the Accordion, visitors can scan the item titles, and choose to expand an item only if it is of interest.

How do I add an accordion to my Elementor?

From the ‘General Settings’ section, you can use the drop-down menu to choose Accordion Type out of these two: Accordion & Toggle. You can enable or disable and change the Toggle Icon & Speed.

How do I edit accordion in WordPress?

Edit Existing Accordion

Step 1: Navigate to Widgetkit and select Accordion. It should be open by default. Step 2: Click on the name of the accordion that you want to edit. Step 3: Edit the contents of the accordion by changing the title or content of each accordion item.

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What is a toggle button in Elementor?

The Toggle Widget lets you create text boxes that are collapsed, so the visitor only sees the titles of each text box item. This lets you show your content in a condensed form, so visitors don’t have to scroll through a long page and can sift through the titles easily.

What is image accordion?

Image Accordion is a widget for adding content in a compact way. This addon of the JetTabs plugin allows you to attract more attention, using spectacular effects for images.

How do I use accordion in WordPress?

How To Add An Accordion With Heroic FAQs

  1. Step 1: Download And Install Heroic FAQs. First, you’ll need to download and install the Heroic FAQs plugin on your WordPress website. …
  2. Step 2: Create A FAQ Group. …
  3. Step 3: Embed The Accordion. …
  4. Step 4: Switch Between Accordion And Toggle. …
  5. Step 5: Preview The Accordion.

What is an accordion on a website?

An accordion menu is a vertically stacked list of headers that can be clicked to reveal or hide content associated with them. It is one of many ways you can expose content to users in a progressive manner.

How do you do read more on WordPress?

Adding the More Tag

  1. Start a new page or post.
  2. Add content to your page or post — text, images, etc. The Classic Editor screen.
  3. Place your cursor at the spot in the page or post where you want the More Tag to appear. In your toolbar, click on the “Insert Read More tag” button.
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How do I get rid of the read more button in WooCommerce?

Log into your WordPress site and access the Dashboard as the admin user. From the Dashboard menu, click on Appearance Menu > Theme Editor Menu. When the Theme Editor page is opened, look for the theme functions file to add the function to hide the Add to Cart button or read more button for specific products.

How do I use a Read more plugin in WordPress?

Read More Excerpt Link WordPress plugin will crop the content and adds a read more button. You can change the text of the read more link button from the excerpt submenu. Further, this plugin benefits you to change the text length of the read more button: by default, the predefined length of a button is 55 words.

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