How do I enable reviews in WooCommerce?

How do I show review tab in WooCommerce?

Enabling the metabox option by default

That’s because it’s controlled by the WordPress option: Settings -> Discussion -> Default article settings -> Allow people to post comments on new articles. When that option is not enabled then new WooCommerce products won’t have their reviews enabled by default either.

How do I enable reviews on WordPress?

To enable customer reviews on a page, simply scroll down to the WP Customer Reviews tab and check the Enable box.

Where are WooCommerce Reviews stored?

Product reviews are held in the wp_comments table with all the other comments and in the case of Woocommerce the order status updates.

How do I turn off reviews in WooCommerce?

You can disable product reviews by turning them off in the settings. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products and uncheck Enable product reviews .

How do I edit tabs in WooCommerce?

These tabs are added from the WooCommerce > Tab Manager menu item. From this new menu, you can view a list of all your global (and product) tabs available to edit, add a new global tab (by clicking ‘Add Tab’), and customize a default tab layout.

Is WooCommerce any good?

WooCommerce is as powerful as Shopify, and it gives you even more control since you can decide where you want to host your online store, but it’s by far less beginner-friendly and certain features aren’t included in the core system.

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How do I add a star rating in WooCommerce?

Log in to your account. Go to the product listing on, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter a star rating and a comment.

It’s likely something you may find under the single product page options. If you’re theme has this customization option built in then you can remove the related products without using any code. So be sure to check your theme settings or options to see if this is something you can just enable or disable there!

How do I get rid of additional information in WooCommerce?

How to remove additional information tab WooCommerce using PHP: Use FTP (or SFTP if it’s available on your host) to access your site files. Go to wp-content folder of the needed WordPress install, then to themes folder, and open the functions. php of the theme you use on your site (the active one)

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