Question: How do I edit my cart Elementor?

Actually, you can edit and style the cart and account page with Elementor. Just go to those pages and you will see the shortcode to generate them. Just click on `edit with elementor, and you can add header and other elements.

How do I edit checkout in Elementor?

To do this, you have to edit your WooCommerce Checkout page using the Elementor Editor. Find the ‘EA Woo Checkout’ element from the ‘Search’ option under the ‘ELEMENTS’ tab. Now all you have to do is just Drag & Drop the ‘Woo Checkout’ element into the ‘Drag widget here’ or the ‘+’ section.

How do I edit the cart details on WooCommerce checkout?

Setup and Configuration

  1. Go to: WooCommerce > Checkout Fields.
  2. There are three sets of Fields you can edit:
  3. Disabled fields.
  4. Select the Add Field button.
  5. Enter your text and preferences.
  6. Save Changes.

How do I customize WooCommerce?

How to customize the WooCommerce Single Product Page

  1. Put your WooCommerce Product information in as normal.
  2. Publish or save your product as draft.
  3. Click on ‘enable WooBuilder’
  4. This will enable the new Gutenberg editor for that specific product.
  5. Design your new Single Product Page using the WooBuilder Blocks.
  6. Publish.
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How do I customize the add to cart in WooCommerce?

Customize your WooCommerce Cart Page Template

  1. # 1. Clone cart. php.
  2. # 2. Edit cart. php and change